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For years I have been looking for a good forum to share my experiences with my cross cultural rerlationship with others in the same boat. Temple or church? Aunt or auntie? Krishna or Christ? These are a few of the daily decisions we face in our marriage and the raising of our kids. So watch for posts on different topics and share openly so we can all learn from each other.

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A flash from the past

I almost never read the NY times liberal news paper…however, while spending time wasting precious seconds of my life mindlessly surfing the ipad I came across this link:

west virginia hare krishna temple

I could have penned at least half of this article. It really was a beautiful temple. That is until incest and murder ruined its image! Check it out.

Does it matter who is praying?

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Does God discriminate in answering prayers based on who is praying? that is, does it matter the faith of the individual saying the prayer? I think not. Prayer is a big part of our lives. We end our days with the kids saying this little prayer we found on the internet..

“Loving father, put away, all the wrong I have done today. Make me sorry, true and good. Make me love the as I should. Make me feel by day and night, I am ever in thy sight. Heavenly Father, hear our prayer. Take the child into the care. Let thy angels, pure and bright, watch around each of us tonight. Amen”

My wife and I agreed a long time ago that a routine prayer is so important. As I am not fluent in Hindi or Gujarati we decided on an English prayer.

How does your family pray at night? I would love to hear any great prayers that you are using!

Making sense

The recent horrific events in Norway have left many wondering “how could this happen?!”. As a hindu, we believe in the cycle of life and death and the concept of Karma. That is, the energy of the universe doesn’t dissipate, it transfers. I am not a scholarly expert on the topic, and to be quite honest it gives me no comfort in matters like this, but my upbringing tends to keep me from questioning things like this (to some extent).

If I asked my wife (I haven’t) she may say her Christian upbringing would explain events such as these in terms of sin and salvation. I would be interested to know how CHCs (Christian-Hindu Couples) discuss tragic, seemingly mindless events with their children, frankly any faith for that matter.

Regardless, my heart aches for those families. I couldn’t imagine the grief.

An interesting point?

I was raised in the teachings of paramahansa yogananda whose purpose in life was to unite east and west. Here is one of his disciples….

Top 10 things I like about Christianity

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From a hindu who has been around Christians his entire life…
1. Emphasis on community service-our church offers many options from mission trips to help the homeless.
2. Generosity – Christians donate 40 billion dollars annually to their churches,
3. Family – Christians promote the family unit which is very important to me

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Spoke tonight with an indian women who told me that interracial marriages seem great at first but ultimately your kids grow up confused. this isn’t a new arguement I have heard. My kids are 5,3 and 1. Not something I worry about right now. We just try and get through each day without trips to the doctor. My kids will have options. They will not be confused about their core values in life. Beyond that, the rest is up to them to find their path to God. That’s the way I see it for now.